‘Risen’.  A movie about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, experienced through the eyes of a nonbeliever.

So i went into this flick intrigued by the premise.  I thought midway through that what would be really interesting is a movie on this subject, made by non believers.

I was just about to watch Deadpool which I wasn’t so sure I would care for, when a friend mentioned Risen.  Well I was floored.  Definitely my favorite Jesus movie.

What I like so much was the perspective, from the head of the centurion soldiers.  Eventually he is brought face to face with a decision, to trust his eyes becoming his heart, or to let his life experience and presuppositions dictate.

He becomes acquainted with Jesus’ disciples, them fueling the fire of belief in him.  He also is a eyewitness to Jesus’ death.

The film also contains unusual vantage points, like Jesus and the centurion captain on a gigantic road in the middle of the night while others sleep.  There is also a dream the centurion has which challenges the mode of devotion held by many Christians.

All in all a question is posed.  What is belief and what does it require?  Definitely a must see.

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