Education to work, a welcome transition

So for the past 8 weeks I have been secuestered as it were in mental health institutions.  Not hospitals mind you rather programs designed to achieve first stabilization, then preparation, for re-entering society as a productive contributor.

The first 6 were full of groups, educating and inviting Analysis on poetry, expression through art and through open group venting and receiving advice from residents.  We ate a lot and bowled and played ultimate frisbee.  It was somewhat tolerable being holed up with 30 residents in one lodge.  But it was riddled with excessive downtime of which many residents complained.

The last week and half I have been in a different locale, one with almost no downtime. Makes me appreciate what I had but nevertheless what I have.  My mind became stable.  Now it is becoming strong, growing to be able to sustain regular employment again.

Just thinking.  More later.

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