How dark is the dark side?

In the latest installment of Star Wars, the force reawakens and the Dark Side is given some extra hues of black.  In a pivotal scene, Kylo Ren is shown praying if you will to Darth Vader’s mangled image, asking for strength to be true to the Dark Side, rather to be ever darker.

This brings me to ask, do we comprehend what we are doing, to what level we are achieving, when we ask to be drawn closer to the light, or to the dark?  A sermon I heard last night reminded me that it is not an abbreviated journey, to travel from light to dark or vice versa.  The preacher said we tend to see good and evil on a continuum, that is, good being just a little better than evil and vice versa.  After all, things must remain in balance after all.

But this is not the reality of the situation, according to The Word of God.  Preaching from the book of Jeremiah, the pastor showed us that evil must be punished, that good be taken seriously.  There is a lion, a leopard, and a wolf assigned to misbehaving Israel, to devour those who travel “outside the camp”.  There is a foreign power, one “whose language we do not know” assigned to ravage the people gone astray.

Further adding to the point that evil is far removed from good, the pastor gave an illustration from CS Lewis’ The Silver Chair.  In the story there is a green lady that controls a world underground, with just the playing of her mandolin.  The pastor noted that when we are close to doing good, i.e., kingdom work, we are only a little strumming of the green lady’s mandolin from setting down the good we were pursuing and going the opposite direction, or not doing anything at all.

Let me be clear.  I am not trying to illustrate how close good and evil are by  mentioning the subtle spell of the mandolin.  No, I am endeavoring to reveal the power of the dark side…and of the light.  For why would evil set out to derail us if the light were not powerful as well…and more powerful still?!

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